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Two misconceptions many people make about estate planning is thinking “I’ll get to that later,” or believing, “I’m not wealthy enough to think about my estate.” These people forget that if you don't make your own plan Florida law will provide a "default estate plan" for you. Gain peace of mind by taking the steps now to make sure your last wishes are carried out. Preserve your wealth, care for your loved ones when you’re no longer able to, and make sure your family is able to care for you in an emergency or in case you become incapacitated.

Estate planning involves more than making your last will and testament. Each estate plan is unique to individual wants and needs. Depending on the type of assets you have, proper estate planning can eliminate the need for probate by simply titling the assets properly. For larger estates, a trust can be beneficial. If you have young children, proper estate planning can ensure they are cared for in the manner you choose if you are no longer able to do so. If any of your heirs have special needs and receive government assistance, estate planning can ensure that person does not lose their government assistance if and when they receive an inheritance. 

If you own a business, estate planning can include succession planning which will allow the business to continue to succeed when you are no longer able to manage it. Stacy McCland, the founder of the firm, has a special needs sister and grew up in a family business, so she has a unique understanding of these two issues and is able to help her clients navigate and overcome any of the potential pitfalls or concerns that may arise. Estate planning is also essential in order to protect your assets and implement your wishes for medical care in the case of a medical emergency. 

Estate planning does not have to be overwhelming. Stacy will simplify the process for you and ensure you understand all of the legal concepts and documents. She will listen to your needs and explain available options while she walks you through the process of putting a plan in place to secure your family's future.

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